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Mindfulness means to be fully aware.  Aware of who, where, when, why and what we are doing. And in this way, appreciate the present, become aware of the past, and sow careful seeds for the future.  Marvel at the interconnectedness of all things.

Mindful food takes into consideration not just flavor or price but also where our food came from, who made it, when it was made, what is in it, how it was processed and why. Mindful Food is food that nourishes a healthy planet as well as a healthy body.

We work with you to bring as much Mindful Food into the world as possible.

What we do

 Mindful Food Consulting specializes in helping small and medium sized companies develop, scale up and produce new food products.  We provide solutions to your technical challenges so you can get on with the business of selling products that are so great people will keep coming back for more.  You can be confident of getting technical advice that is mindful of scientific reality as well as health, nutrition, sustainability, and regulatory issues.  Because, developing and producing food in a well thought-out, mindful way means higher quality products which sell better, are more nutritious and ultimately lead to a healthier world.

So if you are interested in developing and marketing a fabulous new food product but don't know where to start, or if you just need a little extra real world experience in the R&D area, please contact us.

How we work

We work on an hourly time and materials basis and are happy to do as much or as little of a project as you need.

Our team

Certified Food Scientist at your service

Mindful Food is the creation of Jan Wiley Matsuno, who has always loved food and learned about interconnectedness wandering in the woods as a child.  She later studied food science, enjoying the resultant edible chemistry experiments so much, she has never wanted to stop.  

She is a member of the "inaugural class" of Certified Food Scientists sanctioned by the Institute of Food Science (see: www.ift.org).  The CFS designation recognizes global food professionals who possess the specialized and applied scientific knowledge to address the technical challenges of safe food production.

In addition, Jan has a lifetime of product development experience in the Food and Beverage Industry, including 8 years with retail private label products, 13 years serving overseas markets, and 11 years consulting for Fortune 500 food companies.  She has traveled extensively to over 50 food plants in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Prior to founding Mindful Food, she held product development positions at Del Monte Foods, Safeway, Inc., and CCD Innovation.  

At Del Monte, she formulated and commercialized products for the US and 12 other countries.  As Director of Product Development for Safeway Corporate Brands, she directed the development of over 2000 private label products, ensured regulatory compliance of all labels, established brand criteria and developed strategy to address current food trends.  As Director of Commercialization at CCD Innovation, she managed scale up of products for the world's largest food companies.

Jan is a proud graduate of Oregon State University with highest honors in Food Science and Technology.  She has taught Food Science as San Jose State University and is a 2008-2009 Participant in the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, an Inc. magazine–William J. Clinton Foundation Partnership. 

Get connected

We work with an extensive network of industrial ingredient suppliers, co-packers, analytical laboratories, and other food industry service providers. So  whatever it is you need, we get you connected to the right people quickly, and on your way to market!

Free consultation

We are happy to provide a one hour telephone consultation about your new food product ideas free of charge.  Contact us today!

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