Mindful Food

Food for the future and the future of food

 Mindful Resources 

 Mindful Books for enlightened reading:

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver
  • Harvest for Hope, by Jane Goodall
  • Hot, Flat and Crowded, by Thomas Friedman
  • Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Polan
  • What to Eat, by Marion Nestle

Do you have a favorite mindful book we should add to this list? Email us here.

      Feeding America 

      Did you know that in 2007, 35.2 million people in the US lived in food insecure households?  This means that despite our incredible agricultural resources (AND obesity epidemic), 11% of the population does not have enough food.  And the problem is getting worse.  As of December 2008, requests for emergency food assistance are up 30%.  Fortunately you can help.  Feeding America (formerly called America's Second Harvest) coordinates food relief efforts nationally which are then implemented at the local level.  You can donate money, time, or surplus, distressed, and damaged food and grocery items to those Americans who need it most.  Learn more at www.feedingamerica.org.  

Healthy Kids

Looking for nutritional guidelines for healthy foods for kids?  How about “with it” advice for young people regarding diet and exercise?  Go to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation at

Alternate Pyramid

Are you frustrated with the complexities of the USDA Food Pyramid?  Take a look at the alternate Food Pyramid developed by Monica Myklebust, MD, and Jenna Wunder, MPH, RD of the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinical Services.  They call it the Healing Food Pyramid.
  It emphasizes healing foods, plant-based choices, variety & balance, support of a healthful environment, and (you guessed it) mindful eating.  The base of the pyramid may surprise you.  It is water, an essential nutrient that makes up more than 60% of your body weight.  What did you think?  Email us.

Why Bother with the Farmer's Market?

What is all the fuss about local food?  What is the attraction of the Farmer’s Markets sprouting up all over the country?  Visit one and find out.  Locate a farmer’s market near you at:
www.localharvest.org.  Taste the fruits and vegetables and you might be surprised.  Is it time to re-think local agriculture?  Want to comment?



"As from a heap of flowers one can make many a garland even so one born as a mortal ought to do much good."


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