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Regarding Genetially Modified Animals and other potential hazards in our food supply, one reader writes:

I agree that we are focused on what we can see, like trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, and completely oblivious to these more pervasive dangers. I often hear people say that if it is for sale in the US it must be safe because the regulatory agencies would certainly not allow an unsafe product to be sold, especially for human consumption. So we have Teflon, Bisphenol acetate, Nutrasweet and all of these residues in meat, and now GE foods as well.

I wish that I could back in time to my grandfather's place in central Argentina, there was a chicken coop with some amazing eggs, a few head of grass fed cattle, and he tended a very large garden plot.

Thank you very much for the information and for all of your efforts in this area.

We appreciate this praise from another reader:

Your Web Page is very impressive and I like the way you present your philosophy.

On the Peanut Corporation of America salmonella recall, one reader writes:

Watching the video the PCA executives being questioned by members of congress was an embarrassment to the food industry!  With previous food scares we have been able to point fingers at China or Mexico.  Now we are face to face with a new enemy and it is us.  Do we need a better food safety system?  Yes!  Will it be easy?  Hardly!  Do we need something else?  Yes - morals and common sense!  I'm sure behind this all is a downtrodden QC manager thinking: "I told you so....."

And regarding genetically modified animals:

FDA is set to follow the same "genetic modification is the same as traditional breeding only better" model for animals that they have for plants.  Those familiar with the situation realize this approach is overly-simplistic, and has led to "genetic contamination" all over the world.  Unfortunately, the FDA doesn't even have the manpower to stay on top of basic food safety let along something as complicated as genetic engineering.  The proverbial "barn door" is about to open (or maybe has already?) on animals.  I think it's time to write my congressman!

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